Welcome to Hand Carved Candles by CHRISSY

Hand Carved Candles by CHRISSY is a manchester based family run business. We keep the tradition of hand sculpting candles alive and affordable to the public. Each candle is a unique, one of a kind quality product.

Each of these exquisite hand carved candles  are unique  that can be used as a centerpiece or a stylish decor . Hand carved candles are not intended to be used simply as a room decoration. Featuring Original Hand Dipped and Carved Wax Candles of all Kinds.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee a colour match since hot wax cools to a different colour than when it's hot. White is always used for inside colour to help adhere layers of wax and to separate colours.

Please be aware that dark colours such as black, navy blue, dark green, purple, burgundy and red tend to bleed through the layers of white wax over time.